Paper Scrap

Recovered fiber, also known as recovered paper and board, is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. These products are sold and transported to paper mills at home and worldwide for production into new packaging, office paper, tissue, newsprint, and a multitude of other paper products.
This commodity is generated at Maquila industrial facilities thru unpack aging of goods, recovery operations, Industrial Printing and box manufacturing mostly.

We help recyclers, traders, brokers and end user's, to source and purchase post industrial paper (OCC, Office pack, White ledger, etc.) scrap commodities from industrial facilities in Mexico and LATAM region.

Also, we service OEM’s, CM’s and DC’s manage their recover waste commodities that need to be monetized.

Finally, just consider; the Statistics and facts reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency have shown that there is a reduction in air and water pollution when paper products are recycled over the manufacturing of new paper. Water pollution is lessened by 35 percent and air pollution is lessened by 74 percent.

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