Plastic Scrap

We help recyclers, traders, brokers and end user's, to prospect and purchase post industrial plastic scrap commodities from industrial facilities in Mexico and LATAM region.

Also, we service OEM’s, CM’s and DC’s manage their recover waste commodities that need to be monetized.

This commodity grade plastics (PETE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PS) and Engineering plastics (ABS, PU, Nylon, PC) are generated from industrial (OEM's, CM's, DC's, etc) Maquiladora manufacturing operations (Unpack aging of goods, Injection Molding, Blow molding, extrusion, etc) that generate scrap due to make ready processes, quality issues, runners, obsolete inventories, etc.

Finally, for sustainability sake, just consider; producing new plastic products from recycled materials uses two-thirds less energy than is required to make products from raw (virgin) materials. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

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