When sourcing and exporting scrap material from Mexico or any other LATAM country the need for a solid Customs Brokerage company to clear documents and merchandise MUST be full field to carry out any export commodity dispatch.

At Bansus we have a solid alliance and partnership with one of the oldest and most successful Customs brokerage firms in the region

Since industrial scrap is mostly generated by maquiladoras-IMMEX under the NAFTA umbrella, the need for detail and expedite documentation is key to warranty each export operation.

Their service is not limited to export documents but it also, considers:
* Maquilada V1, virtual pedimentos
* Tariff classification
* Tariff-Cost analysis
* Carrier coordination
* Mexican foreign trade consultancy

Their trade has produced commercial relationships with US and Asian Maquila companies for well over 4 decades.

Maquiladora Operations Service

Maquilas are bonded assembly plants under NAFTA Treaty -That have an authorization by the Ministry of Economy ( to operate manufacturing facilities, tax free. Most maquiladoras are located along the Mexican boarder with the United States, because of the logistics and USA distribution centers advantages.

The most important rule for the maquiladora operation is to comply and obey the following rule: All raw materials imported for assembly purposes Once transformed- must be leave the country or shipped back from were they were imported. This rule also considers the SCRAP generated from the assembly process that took place, for example:
* De-packaging process of raw goods or spare parts.
* Make ready process.
* Qty Control scraps.
* Obsolete Inventories.
* Daily operations.

Since NAFTA did consider the environmental impact, the ministry of economy ( allowed the creation of MAQUILADORA SERVICE ENTETIES to incorporate themselves to service the sustainable scrap recovery effort; complying all NAFTA laws and regulations. This entities are know has MAQUILA SERVICE COMPANIES that have a specific trade such as scrap recovery operations.

Hence BANSUS de Mexico, S. de RL de CV a Maquiladora service program for scrap recovery operations. Our maquila does comply with all City, State and Federal Tax and environmental laws.

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