• A.
  • We help companies that need to locate responsible large volume scrap generators that subsequently need to create or enhance a recovery operation that will allow them to receive scrap goods continuously with no interruptions or delays.

    If your company needs to market their scrap commodities to responsible buyers; we help you to locate the best choice for your recyclable materials. This consulting effort matches cultural, financial and logistics strengths of both seller and buyers that will ensure true sustainable dividends.

    In either case having a solid plan packed up with experience and sound background knowledge enables a better understanding of project issues at an early stage which can avoid the need for potential modifications…. We help companies save time prospecting valuable scrap commodities.


  • B.
  • Once business is secure by a service contract, we step in to study an asses current scrap management of the generator; always looking for a more efficient recovery operation.

    Then we determine, for our client:
    * If new or additional equipment is needed to enhance scrap recovery efforts.
    * If additional or better train ground labor is required, such as: scrap collectors, machine operators, staging personnel, etc.
    * If technical training is needed for both scrap generator and scrap buyer's associates.

    Analyzing import export and environmental paper work from scrap generators for validation; why? Because all scrap responsibility is endorse to scrap buyers once it leaves sellers (maquiladora) premises.
    Finally, tactical executions is set in motion, so the recovery operation excels from start to finish by correctly staging and programming scrap commodities to be picked-up for export purposes.


    Once scrap is correctly stage we determine the most environmental friendly and cost effective way to move it thru export operations.
    Having an in-house us/mx custom broker ( operation gives our client the legal certainty that export paper work will be dealt accordantly.
    Being 45 minutes away from the Ensenada port (web) and 4 hrs. Away from the port of Long Beach gives our customer valuables options. If scrap is located out of state. we can still arrange any type of export operation by ground, sea or rail.
    Our customer will be warranty that all transport operations due comply 100% federal and state regulations and requirements such us:
    * Collection Manifest
    * Insurance
    * Export US/MX Manifest
    * Environmental Transport Licence
    * E-Manifest


  • C.
  • Bansus designs credit solutions for waste management projects that require specialize equipment and machinery that insure the correct and sustainable treatment of waste scrap steams that warranting the revenue. By monetizing the recycling operation.

    This consulting effort matches both needs and goals of our value clients; our consul does stop at the design and purchasing stage in addition considers cash flow, vendor management and capital creation. This way our consul carries responsibility in each stage of our clients project. Again! To match needs with goals.

    Some of our financing sources:

    Are primary goal is to support efforts of scrap generators by financing recovery scrap operations and recyclers that need efficient equipments and efficient sustainable transport; this way together we help decrease the carbon footprint of the scrap recovery supply chain.

    Social Recycling Campaigns

    We know that best way to ease social needs is by recognizing socials issues and 'TEAMING-UP' with other stakeholders that MUST interface directly or indirectly with the social issue at hand.

    At Bansus we are experts on matching Government or NPO agenda with Private Enterprise Strength; once Bansus creates the operation path we 'TEAM-UP' both entities to raise awareness and remedy thru the monetization of recycling programs that finance: relief actions, equipment purchases and awareness programs.

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