Electronics Scrap

Our main source of this waste scrap streams, comes from OEM's and CM's of the maquiladora industry, meaning that OVER 90% OF THE SCRAP GENERATED IS PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), NO FINISH GOODS to dismantle!
Plus the maquiladora region has consumer electronic refurbish companies and electronic warranty centers (Copier's, PC's Cellular phone, etc.) that generate significant amounts of valuable scrap.

The State of Baja California recycles less than 10% of the Urban Electronic Junk, the rest is recycle by local scrap metal yards, that ONLY buy PC Mother Board (PCB) items. The other 90% PCB grades is lost in municipal waste process. Urban prospecting for electronic scrap is yet to be detonated.
Operating in emerging market countries means Scrap wise technology is 5 to 7 years old and scrap commodities recover are heavier and richer.
We help recyclers, traders, brokers and end user's, to prospect, source and purchase E-waste scrap commodities from industrial facilities in Mexico and LATAM region.
Also, we service OEM’s, CM’s and DC’s manage their recover waste commodities that need to be monetized.

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